7 Benefits of Using A Streaming Camera

From Facebook to YouTube and even Twitch, live streaming is more popular than ever. Luckily, for those looking to get into streaming, broadcasting your own professional-grade live stream has also never been easier. In fact, streaming cameras make streaming quick and simple by design. For example, the Logitech Mevo Start packs everything you need into a compact, easy-to-use camera. In this blog, learn why streaming cameras like Mevo are the best tool for online creators (or just about anyone else!).


First things first: what is a streaming camera and why should streamers use one over other types of cameras? While there are plenty of viable options for capturing video for your streams, most cameras have key issues that hinder your ability to broadcast a smooth, headache-free stream:

  • DSLR cameras give you HD quality video, but require a working knowledge of cameras in order to get the most out of them.
  • Webcams are a step above a built-in computer camera, but they still require a computer to function. 
  • Action cams are portable and battery-powered, but most distort images with a fish-eye effect and don’t support live streaming without a computer. 

On the other hand, Mevo Start makes it easy to stream to online platforms—no computer required. Mevo is an HD, wide-lens camera with built-in broadcasting capabilities, so you can stream pretty much anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi or your phone. 


Mevo Start is an all-in-one camera for streams of all kinds—live chats, cooking tutorials, music performances, school sporting events, worship services, workout classes and more—and you won’t ever need to boot up your computer or take video editing classes. Here are some of the main benefits you get from using a streaming camera like Mevo compared to other cameras:

Go Live On Location

Whereas DSLR cameras and webcams need a computer in order to stream and action cams have limited streaming capabilities, streaming cameras like Mevo can stream from anywhere to any live streaming platform. Plus, Mevo sports up to six hours of streaming on a full battery, so you won’t have to sweat about a sports game stream or a church service broadcast ending early due to low power. 

Of course, streaming cameras also make great regular cameras: If you do find yourself in a place without reception, Mevo is also a great recording camera thanks to its micro SD card slot. You can even simultaneously stream and record if you want to post an edited cut of your stream later. 

Crystal Clear Video

Nothing takes a viewer out of a stream like poor image quality. A live stream of the homecoming football game coming from a phone or computer camera isn’t nearly as exciting when it looks like a bunch of pixels floating around a screen. With Mevo, you’ll get a 1080p resolution that looks great from every corner of the low-distortion wide-angle lens (so no fish-eye effect to worry about). 

The easy-to-use Mevo Camera app lets you set up and switch between shots instantly.

Operate Mevo with the Smartphone App

So you’re probably wondering: If Mevo doesn’t need a computer, how do you control it? Well, there’s an app for that—literally. While other cameras have convoluted settings or a confusing amount of buttons, the Mevo app lets you zoom, frame, pan and even add graphics in real-time using simple touch controls. Whether you’re running a stream for a concert or want to add some production flare to your next Twitch hangout, Mevo Start is a great way to up your production value without breaking the bank. 

Super-simple Multicam Streaming

Multiple cameras are great for adding production flair to your stream, but setting up multiple DSLR cameras can quickly get complicated. Luckily, the Mevo Start 3-Pack and Multicam app make Multicam streaming easier than ever. With a multicam setup, you have the freedom to have dedicated shots for the stove and counter during your cooking stream, action shots for each musician during your band’s show, a front and overhead camera for your nail tutorials—the list goes on.

Meet Your New Director

It’s not a great feeling to finish a multi-hour stream only to realize during playback that your DSLR’s auto-focus left you blurry. At the same time, operating your cameras manually risks stalling your stream’s momentum every time you have to fiddle with the image settings. For those who want just plug in their camera and stream, Mevo’s Auto-Director Mode turns your camera into a cameraman with the power of super-smart AI. By tracking faces and movement onscreen, Mevo will intuitively zoom, frame and cut in the style of a well-edited broadcast—a perfect tool for anyone running a one-person stream that wants to take their broadcasts up a notch. 

Audio as Good as the Video

While non-streaming compact or portable cameras have limited audio capture range and quality, Mevo has three built-in MEMS microphones for solid audio recording at a wide range of distances. Not only that, but the Mevo Mic app also turns your phone into a microphone for quick and easy audio capture. Of course, if you have actual microphones you like to use for your streams, Mevo’s got you covered, too: Plug in professional microphones via a 3.5MM TRS or USB-C audio input, or connect line-level signals from a mixer for live performances. 

It’s a Good Webcam, Too

Finally, if you want your Zoom meetings and Skype calls to look just as good as your Twitch streams, then there’s the Mevo Webcam app. Connect Mevo to your computer as your video input, use the app to adjust your camera settings, and just like that you have crisp, high-quality video for your next online class or virtual hangout. 

True to its name, Mevo Start is the best streaming camera to launch your streaming career. Learn more about Mevo on their website, and read more streaming and content creation tips on our blog.