7 Live Streaming Tips to Elevate Your Streams

Live streaming is a fun and easy online pastime that pretty much anyone with a phone or computer can try out. But in order to broadcast a professional and engaging live stream, let alone launch and maintain a full-time streaming career, you’ll need to remember some key live streaming tips and tricks. 

Start by watching your favorite streamers and take notes: What makes them fun to watch? How do they interact with their viewers? Once you have those questions answered and you’re feeling comfortable as an on-stream personality, then it’s time to make some technical upgrades. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over seven tips for live streaming that will help you make the jump from greenhorn to hobbyist to seasoned pro. 


A camera, a microphone and a light source: the holy trinity of live streaming. While you can certainly get creative with your setup, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get tons of gear in the name of being a “pro” streamer. Especially if you’re running a stream solo, you don’t want to be forced to focus more on your gear than hosting your stream. At the end of the day, you can broadcast a solid stream with just a camera, mic and light. 

That being said, there’s still a lot of room to get creative while keeping it simple, especially when it comes to lighting. Logitech LIGHTSYNC Series gear, for instance, syncs with games, videos, or music playing on your screen for a more immersive and colorful experience.

Here are some recommendations for streaming audio and video gear: 

Blue Yeti and Logitech StreamCam are staples of any good live stream.

Yeti is the best-selling USB mic for online creators, so the credentials speak for themselves here. With a plug-and-play setup and Blue’s legendary broadcast sound packed into a compact design, Yeti is a simple but powerful upgrade to your rig. Your audience will immediately hear the difference between your built-in computer mic and Yeti, and they’ll be thankful for the consistently crystal-clear audio on every stream

Ideal  for video calls, virtual meetings and live streaming, StreamCam provides full HD 1080p resolution at 60 fps for a consistently clear and smooth video feed. Plus, with helpful features like auto-focus and intelligent light exposure, your stream will look good indoors at your desk, outside in the yard, or anywhere else where you want to broadcast. 


Adding a second or even third camera to the mix will give your stream some visual variety and offer you a chance to flex your production muscles. With additional cameras, you can add a birds-eye shot of the stove during your cooking stream, a shot of your keyboard so fans can see your gaming skills in real-time––the list goes on. 

While more gear means more tech to run, the Mevo Start 3-Pack is designed for multicam streaming and makes the process headache-free. Mevo wirelessly streams HD video to all major platforms, and with the Mevo Multicam app, you can control up to three Mevo cameras from your phone or desktop for a high-production broadcast without a camera crew. 

The Mevo Start 3-Pack perfectly supports multi-cam live streaming.


Why limit yourself to just one platform? With multistreaming, you can broadcast to all major streaming platforms and reach as many fans as possible. Thankfully, there are a lot of popular streaming platforms that support multistreaming as part of a pro account or even for free, including Restream and Melon . No matter what software you use, branching out to new streaming platforms is a surefire way to grow your audience and change up your streaming routine. 


Even the best-laid plans can go awry, so it’s best to be prepared for anything––especially when you’re live. In the event that a camera runs out of battery life or you left your mic at home, make sure you have some kind of gear ready to go in case you need to make a swap. These backups can be an old camera, mic or light that you don’t regularly use anymore, gear you borrowed from a friend, or even your phone as a last-resort mic and camera. The show must go on, after all, so it’s best to have some backup plans in mind for a panic-free live stream no matter what. 


Graphics, music cues and sound effects are all good ways to add some unique flair to your stream. Think about how radio hosts have a soundboard at the ready to play funny and weird sounds––their broadcast wouldn’t nearly be as fun without that element. Luckily, Yeti mics come with Blue VO!CE, an advanced recording software featuring broadcast presets, vocal effects and HD audio samples, which you can use to quickly and easily add some production flare to your stream. Plus, most streaming software platforms support custom graphics, so experiment with adding banners, icons or even a “Stream Will Begin Shortly” screen to your broadcast for extra visual candy.  


Now that your gear is set up, it’s time for rehearsals. It’s in your best interest to practice both being in front of a camera and working the tech mid-broadcast, and setting up a private stream or filming yourself are good ways to test-run everything. Even if you’re a seasoned streamer, practicing gives you a chance to incorporate new things into your broadcasts (like the aforementioned special effects). 


One of the main differences between uploading a video and streaming is that you’re able to see your viewers in real-time while streaming, so take advantage of that! Make sure to keep an eye on the chat while you stream so you can react to any questions or comments as they happen, which will make your audience feel way more involved and engaged. Talking to tens, hundreds or even thousands of anonymous viewers may feel odd at first, but just think of it like you’re talking to a friend: keep it casual, conversational and above all else, fun. 


No matter what happens during your broadcast, just remember that at the end of the day, “doing it live” means that anything that happens, happens. But that candidness is part of the fun for both hosts and viewers, so it’s okay to embrace the messy and unpredictable elements of a broadcast. Using these tips will certainly help keeps things organized and professional, but ultimately, just roll with the punches and enjoy the show.  

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