How To Create Professional Live Streams and Videos Blog

Whether you’re producing a new episode of your podcast, live streaming a worship service or recording a lecture about Indiana Jones for your archeology class, it’s important to make your videos look professional. Personalizing your videos with your custom logos, fonts and colors is a great way to build your personal brand and help your content stand out. In this article, we’ll show you how to create professional-looking live streams and videos using the Melon live streaming app. 

How To Make Your Videos Look Professional

From Apple’s iconic logo to Coca-Cola’s classic font to Tiffany’s unique shade of blue, branding is all about consistency. Consistently using the same colors, fonts and imagery across all of your content will help make your videos look more professional. That’s why it’s important to brand your videos with your own unique aesthetic. Thankfully, the Melon live streaming app makes it easy to create professional-looking videos that reflect your unique aesthetic.

Start by selecting and arranging your video sources on the overlay. For more info on how to start streaming with Melon, check out our blog. Once you have the basic elements arranged, click “Edit Screen” at the bottom of the canvas to edit the look and feel of your stream. 

Next, update are the banner, ticker and participant names. The banner text is the title of your stream and is typically your brand or show name, the ticker displays a short description of your video across the bottom of the screen and the participant names label each video feed. These three elements are arguably the most important things to update on any stream to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

To enhance the aesthetics of your stream, navigate to the “Background” tab and change your overlay background. Free users can choose from a variety of vibrant preset designs or select a custom color, while Melon Pro users unlock unlimited branding options, including custom logos overlays and the option to remove the Melon watermark from your stream.

Themes are a great way to quickly make your live streams look more professional.

Using Custom Themes In Melon

Themes are design templates that make it easy to quickly create professional-looking streams. Each template includes preset backgrounds, colors and fonts, saving you tons of setup time every stream. Choose from a variety of theme templates created by world-class designers or create your own. 

To get started, select Edit Screen > Design and browse through some of the templates to get an idea of Melon’s customization features. Select a template that closely matches your brand aesthetic and make adjustments as needed. You can even take bits and pieces that you like from different templates and apply them to your design.

Pro users can upload custom fonts and colors to themes, making it easy to recall your fully-branded look for any stream. For an even more personalized look, try creating your own themes using custom graphics. 

Creating Custom Graphics For Your Stream

To create a custom graphic and overlays for your stream, we suggest using Canva, the free web-based graphic design platform. With Canva, you can quickly assemble custom branded assets for your stream using presets and templates—no graphic design experience required. Best of all, Canva is completely free to use!

Let’s start by creating a custom background overlay. Your background is the foundation of your stream, which everything else is built upon, so it’s important that it accurately reflects your aesthetic. Click “Create a design” and select the “Presentation” template—the 1920 x 1080p resolution works well for most streams. Scroll through the presets on the left to find a design that matches your aesthetic or create one from scratch. 

Once you find a design you like, remove any text or distracting imagery. Since this will be your overlay, it should be free from distracting content that may pull viewers away from your stream. Next, spend some time tweaking the colors and layout to make it your own. 

To adjust the background color, click on the color you want to edit, then click the color square in the top left corner to open the palette window. Choose from a swatch of basic colors or select a custom color by clicking the rainbow square and dragging the cursor to the color you want. 

This will show you a custom six-digit color code or “hex code,” which can be used to replicate this exact color in other designs. Free Canva users can select up to three “Brand colors,” making it easy to quickly recall your brand colors in any design. Pro Canva users can upload unlimited brand colors, as well as custom brand fonts, which can be a great way to further differentiate your content. For a list of free fonts to use in your designs, check out Google Fonts.

When you’re happy with your design, click the download arrow at the top of the screen, select JPG and press “Download.”

Canva is a powerful tool for creating custom graphics.

To create a custom logo for your stream, follow the same approach: click “Create a design,” select the “Logo” template and find a design that fits your aesthetic or create your own from scratch. Be sure to use the same colors, fonts and imagery as your overlay to maintain consistency. When you’re finished, download a JPG of your logo using the same steps listed above.

Additionally, streamers using a green screen can use this same approach to create custom backgrounds. Entertain your viewers by broadcasting from the Batcave, or any other location that fits your style.

Once you’ve exported all of your custom assets from Canva, log into Melon and upload your new designs by clicking Menu > Design > Edit Current Theme. Remember, you can update your theme at any time, so if you decide to make changes in the future you can quickly update your stream template.

Follow these steps to create a professional-looking theme for your streams and start building your brand. Check out our blog for even more tips and tricks to take your stream to the next level.