Essential Tech Hardware for Your Home Office

Transitioning to a work-from-home model might be a more permanent change than anticipated. In order to be productive and collaborate effectively, you need to equip your home office with the right tech.

In this article, we’ll share our list of essential home office equipment to help you do your best work from home. Alternatively, check out this blog if you’re looking for a list of essential software for working from home.

USB Microphone

Yeti X delivers crystal-clear sound for your remote team meetings.

To ensure a focused call environment and reduce background distractions, it’s important to invest in a quality USB microphone for more effective communication. Blue Yeti and Snowball USB microphones plug directly into your computer and deliver crystal-clear sound.

  • The versatile Yeti X offers everything you need to customize your sound, including a cardioid pickup pattern that works best in single speaker situations. To deliver the best sound for your remote team meeting, Yeti X has Blue VO!CE software with filters that reduce background noise.
  • The mighty Yeti Nano offers legendary Blue sound in a compact package that fits perfectly with any remote work setup. It’s designed for easy streaming and has two pick-up patterns to choose from—cardioid and omnidirectional—for solo or multiple person meetings.
  • Snowball is a perfect fit for any home office with its sleek design, studio-quality sound and an affordable price tag. Like all Blue USB microphones, Snowball is easy to use and provides stunningly detailed audio as soon as you plug into your Mac or PC.

High Quality Webcam

High quality webcams make it feel like you’re in the room with your colleagues.

It’s important to invest in a quality webcam that integrates with all of your video conferencing tools. Clear imaging and fast streaming make it feel like you’re right in the room collaborating with fellow team members or associates. Logitech offers high-quality cameras for your computer to elevate your video conferencing and streaming experience.

  • StreamCam delivers next-level image quality and true-to-life video with quick streaming processing technology.
  • C930E Business Webcam is designed specifically for online meetings and videoconferencing with a wide field of view, digital zoom and other useful features.
  • C920 PRO HD Webcam produces polished video calls with remarkable clarity through its full HD 1080p video calling and stereo audio capabilities.

External Monitor

For an immersive work experience and increased productivity when working on multiple tasks, we recommend investing in an external monitor. Not only is it helpful for multitasking, it allows you to keep your documents visually organized. 

  • Asus VN279QL gives an ultra-wide display with clear visuals and connects smoothly with your work laptop.
  • Dell UltraSharp 24 monitors offer a 90-degree full range tilt-and-pivot for easy adjustments that align best with the way you manage your work.

Wi-Fi Extender

It’s important to maximize your internet connectivity, beyond your Wi-Fi provider’s default router system. Wi-Fi extenders and additional hardware can prevent dropouts and ensure a more consistent connection.

  • TP-Link N300 is a Wi-Fi range extender with an Ethernet Port, meaning that all you have to do is plug this extender in and synchronize it with your current router or modem.
  • Netgear Nighthawk is a smart Wi-Fi router, set to improve signal from your old, default systems provided by your internet service.
  • Google Nest is a mesh router, a series of interconnected devices that elevates your internet service and gives consistent coverage throughout your home.

Portable External Hard Drive

When dealing with large documents and file transfers, it’s critical to keep all your important assets backed up. Sometimes, it’s not enough to rely on your laptop or cloud-based storage service. That’s why we recommend an external hard drive that can plug into your laptop for quick access to your important documents.

  • LaCie Rugged portable hard drives—easily identifiable by their distinguishable, orange rubber casing—are perfect for working on the go.
  • iStorage diskAshur2 provides ultra-secure, encrypted storage with extended capacity for your most sensitive data.
  • Seagate Expansion gives you extra room to store photos, videos and more in a sleek, compact package.

From plug-and-play USB microphones to Wi-Fi signal boosters, these essential devices can help you improve productivity and efficiency while working from home. For more tips on optimizing your home office, be sure to check our Work From Home blog page.