Building the Best Streaming Setup with Logitech For Creators

Whether you’re just getting into live streaming or looking to upgrade your gear, having a complete streaming setup is key to giving your viewers (and yourself) the best possible streaming experience. The wide array of streamers already part of Logitech For Creators know that inspiration comes easier with the right tools—whether it be a camera, microphone or light source. For this blog post, we’ll go down the list of the best options from the Logitech family of products you can use to build the best streaming setup. 


The importance of having a high-quality light source in your streaming setup can’t be overstated—what was once dim, flat video is now detailed and bright with plenty of definition, all because of a well-placed light. But overhead room lights or conventional lamps can cause unwanted shadows, flare-ups and eye strain among other issues, so an eye-safe light meant for streaming and video recording is the best option for your setup. 

A powerful light in a compact, plug-and-play package, Litra Glow emits LED light with TrueSoft technology and frameless diffusion for a cinematic on-camera look. Whether you need a warm candlelight look or cooler hues, Litra Glow can adjust to a wide spectrum of color temperatures with ease. Plus, the light mounts easily to your monitor, desk or tripod so that you can quickly and easily incorporate it into your streaming setup. Once you turn Litra Glow on, you’ll wonder how you ever got on without it. 


Even gaming playthroughs or podcasts can greatly benefit from having a camera handy. A reaction cam adds a lot to the former, and including a video version of the latter just gives your viewers a way to watch as well as listen. A webcam is also useful for virtual classes, online meetings, remote hangouts and more. 

The last thing you want to kill your creative streaming momentum is a finicky camera with convoluted settings. Luckily, the StreamCam is so ready for live streaming, it’s literally in the name. This small wonder is a 1080p/60fps webcam packed with everything you could possibly need for live streaming, like auto-focus, auto-zoom and smart light exposure. Just plug it into your computer via USB-C, adjust the settings via Logitech’s free Capture software, and you’re off to the races. 

Say you want to live stream from your backyard, out on the town or even in the middle of nature––but you’re stopped by the lack of a wifi connection or the fact that your computer dies in a few hours of unplugged streaming. You’ll need something that’s mobile, easy to use and able to handle high-bandwidth HD streams. That’s where Mevo comes in: a powerful camera that can stream straight to websites without a computer. All you need is your phone, the Mevo controller app to crop, pinch and zoom your shots in real-time, and the handheld Mevo Start camera. Plus, you can use up to three Mevo cameras at once for multi-camera streams, or let AI take over directing duties with the app’s intuitive Auto Director mode. 


Your computer’s built-in mic can often sound shrill, distorted or roomy, none of which are ideal for live streams––especially ones that rely heavily on audio, like gaming or Q&A streams. High-quality audio isn’t reserved for recording studios or fancy audiophile setups anymore: Blue offers a wide array of USB mics that are already staples for countless streamers and content creators. 

This spherical little wonder is as plug-and-play as you can get in a microphone while still getting Blue’s top-quality audio in the process. Built to be as fuss-free as possible, Snowball is a stylish mic that sounds great at your desk or on the go. Recording great-sounding audio truly doesn’t get any easier. 

With a pro broadcast sound in a compact, easy-to-use package, it’s no wonder why you’ll see Yeti across countless streaming and video setups online. Yeti also features on-board gain and pickup pattern controls, making it versatile enough to handle solo streams, multi-person conversations, virtual concerts and more. Plus, all Yeti mics come with Blue VO!CE vocal effects for easy access to broadcast-quality presets and professionally designed sound effects.

A great option for headphone users, Icepop puts Blue’s legendary sound into a compact, plug-and-play boom mic attachment tuned to deliver next-level voice clarity for gaming and communicating. Plus, the built-in pop filter helps reduce those pesky plosives.


It takes a lot of computer power to broadcast a live stream, so you’ll need some way to process your video, audio and graphics to a feed that then goes to your streaming website of choice. Streaming software does just that and also offers handy tools that make running your stream’s backend straightforward and headache-free.

Streamlabs is all about letting you go live in minutes. With tools for custom overlays, multistream support and more, streamers with any level of experience can have a well-crafted broadcast without breaking the bank. Plus, Streamlabs recently launched a monthly tipping service for viewers to set up recurring tips for their favorite streamers, making it that much easier to build a career off of doing something that you love. 

A streaming software that lets you go live in just five clicks, Melon is a powerful platform that you can run straight from your browser—no downloads or hard drive space required. From adding guests to your stream to designing custom graphics, Melon truly makes going live easier than ever. 


These gear essentials give you the best streaming setup to put on an exciting and engaging live stream for your viewers. Check out our blog to learn more about streaming and building an online following, and visit Logitech For Creators to join our growing online community.