Podcast Production Made Easy: Hindenburg Journalist

When it comes to choosing a recording software many people are drawn to music production platforms like Pro Tools or Logic, but these programs aren’t always ideal for the unique demands of podcasting. Instead, they’re often full of complex menus and superfluous features and can be sorely lacking in workflow efficiency. Whether you’re new to podcasting or a seasoned veteran looking to streamline your workflow, the last thing you need is technology slowing you down.

Enter Journalist by Hindenburg, the first audio editor designed from the ground up specifically for podcast production. In this article we’ll explore how this lean, purpose-built software simplifies and automates tedious editing and production tasks—so you can focus on what matters most: telling a great story.

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Journalist intelligently sets your clips’ levels for a consistent mix


As a listener, you know good podcast production when you hear it: rich, full-sounding voices, powerful music, and smooth transitions. Conversely, the sound of an amateur job is instantly recognizable: distortion, inconsistent levels, and thin or muffled voices. But have no fear: one of the first things you’ll notice about Journalist is its intelligent, automated sound-sculpting.

As soon as you record or import a piece of audio, Journalist automatically adjusts the level and applies precision equalization. The software can tell the difference between loud, compressed pop music and dynamic human speech—and adjust them accordingly to create a balanced mix. The Voice Profiler, another innovative feature, analyzes the sound of any voice and automatically applies a custom EQ curve to bring out its richness and unique timbre—instantly imparting that coveted “radio voice”. You can also tweak all these settings yourself.

The Clipboard makes organizing the best bits a breeze.


Editing hours of audio into a fluid, cohesive story can get messy fast. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary part of the process that can leave you frustrated. Journalist has two key features to help. First, editing is non-destructive, so you can always go back to your original files.

They also created the Clipboard feature, which will help keep you organized. Say you find a snippet from an interview that would make a perfect cold-open teaser, or just an interesting bit you want to bookmark and have within easy reach. Just drag it to the Clipboard, give it a name, and it’ll be right there when you need it. Clips can consist of multiple tracks. So if you’re working on an interview, you can store each interview question and the interviewee’s answer together. The clipboard is further divided into groups, allowing you to separate all your sound effects, music cues, and commercial spots into neat little piles.

Easily publish directly to multiple platforms.

Hindenburg designed Journalist from the ground up to facilitate seamless collaboration. For starters, it supports and adapts to all common audio formats so you can easily import WAV, mp3, AAC, AIFF, and Apple Lossless files into your session without errors. Plus, Journalist is cross-platform, meaning you can share multi-track sessions between Mac and Windows computers with no hiccups.

Journalist is also packed with useful features that make recording VOIP calls and publishing your stories incredibly fast and easy. So many interviews take place on Skype, which can be a pain to record. Journalist’s Call Recorder can sync with Skype, taking the hassle out of long-distance interviews. Hindenburg’s Field Recorder mobile app can export directly to Journalist session so you can record anything, anywhere. Taking your finished podcast to air is also easier than ever—the Publish tool automatically creates a mix that complies with international broadcast standards and uploads it to multiple platforms (including Libsyn, Soundcloud, Blubrry, and Public Radio Exchange) in one simple step. Just push a button and you’re published on all platforms!

Journalist adapts to any type of project or skill level.


Journalist is designed to help even the most tech-averse people produce quality content with ease, but it’s by no means “dumbed down.” If you’re confident in your engineering ability, you can still tweak to your heart’s content: level, EQ, and compression controls are all within reach via the effects panel on each track. If you need a compressor with a little more control, you’re in luck: third-party plugins in VST and AU formats are supported.

Not only can Journalist meet you at any skill level, it also scales with the scope of your project. You can add as many tracks as you need, organize and re-size them however you like, and even name individual clips. When you’re ready for an upgrade, Journalist Pro adds even more great features.

If this is all sounding good to you, then check this out. Journalist is now available at a discount as part of the Yeti Podcaster bundle, which includes both Yeti and a full version of the software. Yeti’s been a podcaster favorite for years, with great sound and plug n’ play USB recording. Add in Journalist and you’ve got everything you need to produce a great sounding podcast from start to finish.