Host of Apple’s Top Podcast of 2018, Jordan Harbinger, Shares His Top Five Podcasting Tips

Few people have a more purebred podcasting pedigree than Jordan Harbinger—and even fewer have built a more successful career behind a podcast microphone. Often referred to as “the Larry King of podcasting,” Jordan has hosted an iTunes Top-50 podcast for over 12 years and receives over six million downloads each month, making The Jordan Harbinger Show one of the most popular podcasts in the world. 

He has turned his interest in social influence, psychology and the mindset of success into a hit show, generating over one million dollars in revenue each year. Today, Jordan interviews some of the most successful people on Earth, breaking down their stories, strategies and perspectives into practical insights the listener can deploy to enrich their own lives.

Jordan joins us to share some of the most important things any serious podcaster should know about improving your hosting skills, creating compelling content, increasing your audience, the importance of download numbers and sound quality.

Watch Jordan’s Top Five Tips below, featuring Blue’s Mouse and Yeti microphones:

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  • You alone are the voice of the listener
    • You’re not hosting the show as yourself, you’re representing every member of the audience that isn’t there in the room. You have to think on their behalf and speak for them. If you can focus on the interest of your audience, you will increase your hosting skills right off of the bat.
  • Focus on the message, not on impressing the guest
    • It’s natural to want to appease or befriend your guests—especially when you finally score a chance to bring on someone you admire—but this is a sure-fire way to completely fail to serve the audience. Provide your listener with as much value as you can by engaging with your guest in real and meaningful ways. Even if that means asking the tough questions.
  • Stop obsessing over the download numbers
    • Instead, obsess over the skills, such as your ability to host a good episode and the production value of your show. Getting people to find your show is only part of the battle. If you’re not focused on consistently bringing compelling content, it doesn’t matter how many new listeners you get. They’re not going to stick around for long.
  • Don’t expect your guests to build your show for you
    • Seeking out big names to bring on your show is a poor strategy for building your audience. Do a show that interests YOU and your listeners, not a show that you hope your guest will share with their audience. Typically, that’s not what happens. Instead of getting big exposure and blowing up overnight, you may end up actually weakening the connection you have with your existing audience.
  • Sound quality actually matters
    • Your voice and your sound are important to your listener’s experience and their perception of your show. Pay attention to the room acoustics, put some thought into the way your studio is set up, and take time to learn how to use proper mic technique. If you want a pro sound, you need a quality environment and the right microphone for the job.