Best Podcast Microphones in 2021 (For Any Budget)

One of the great things about podcasting is that you don’t need a lot of gear to get started. However, one tool that’s absolutely essential is a good podcast microphone.

Since podcasting is an audio-only medium, great sound is a top priority. After all, you can’t rely on interesting visuals to hold your audience’s attention, like in a YouTube video or Twitch stream. And since your sound starts with your microphone, choosing the right mic is a critical first step in starting a podcast. But in order to find the best microphone for podcasting, you first need to examine your needs, budget, and skill level.

If you’re just dipping your toes into the world of podcasting and have minimal experience with microphones, you’ll want to start off with a super-simple USB mic that gets you great sound as easily as possible. However, if you’ve been podcasting for a while (or if you’re just an audio wiz already), it’s worth spending a little more on an advanced USB mic with useful features like onboard voice processing or a studio-grade XLR microphone to connect to pro audio gear.

To help you find the best podcasting microphone for your situation, we’ve rounded up our top picks for those just starting a podcast as well as experienced podcasters looking for an upgrade. We’ve also included a few bundles that can help you save on software and accessories to get you started on your podcasting journey.

Need a quick primer before diving in? Check out our podcasting home page for everything you need to start your podcast.

Best Podcast Microphones for Starting a Podcast

Yeti Nano premium USB microphone for recording and streaming.

If you’re looking to start recording a podcast as quickly (and affordably) as possible, a Blue USB microphone is the way to go. USB mics connect directly to your computer, essentially replacing the onboard microphone for superior sound quality. Here’s our roundup of the best USB microphones for podcasting, from our latest miniature marvel to some stripped-down solutions for podcasters on a budget.

Best Podcast Microphone for Experienced Podcasters

Yeti X Professional USB microphone for streaming and podcasting.

If you’re a more experienced podcaster (or if you’re already comfortable with recording equipment), you’re probably looking for a podcasting microphone with a few extra features. USB mics are definitely still a viable option for professionals, and here you’ll find some of our more advanced models. However, many seasoned podcasters choose to graduate to an XLR microphone in order to connect with professional audio equipment such as analog signal processors or mixers for multi-mic setups.

Podcasting Bundles

Yeti Podcaster Bundle with Yeti USB microphone and Hindenburg Journalist audio editing software.

If you’re starting your podcasting journey from scratch, it might make the most sense to invest in a bundle that comes with a microphone and some recording software or accessories. Here’s the low-down on two of our most popular bundles for podcasters: