5 Pieces of Essential Live Streaming Equipment

Live streaming equipment has improved dramatically since streamers first pressed the button to “go live.” In short order, we’ve progressed from shaky selfie stick broadcasts to putting on our own interactive, multi-camera productions as good as any live TV event. And whether you choose a single-camera or multi-camera setup, you can easily achieve professional-quality production at home. 

In this article, we’ll talk through the necessary gear to complete your professional streaming setup so you can reach new audiences with your streaming, podcasting or gaming.

5 Pieces of Essential Live Streaming Equipment

1.  A Mac or PC

Whether you’re streaming on a webcam at home or building a multi-camera setup, a Mac or PC computer is likely the brain of your live streaming rig. For uninterrupted streaming, we recommend using a hardwired ethernet internet connection to avoid Wi-Fi dropouts. A mobile device will work just fine, but be sure to keep a reliable Wi-Fi hotspot handy. 

If you’re considering a new computer for streaming, we recommend the following specs:

  • AMD FX series or Intel i5 2000-series processor or better
  • At least 4 GB of RAM
  • DirectX 10 capable graphics card (PC) 

2. Yeti USB Stereo Microphone

Studies show that audio quality matters more to viewers than audio quality, making your microphone arguably the most important part of your streaming setup for getting views, subscribers and shares. 

The Blue Yeti USB microphone, with its four distinct pickup patterns, delivers great sound quality for music, ASMR videos, voiceovers, podcast interviews, sports broadcasts or anything else your audience wants to hear. Plus, using a Lightning to USB 3 camera adapter, you can connect your Yeti to an iPhone or iPad for on-location streaming, post-game interviews and more. 

3. Camera(s)

Cam...or multicam?” Your streaming camera needs depend on the type of content you create. For most YouTubers, a single camera is super. 

But if you’re streaming to teach a skill—like how to caramelize onions or play an F chord in tune— a multicam setup gives you the ability to seamlessly edit between camera angles so your audience can watch the process up-close without fast-forwarding while you readjust the camera. 

For a single camera setup, the Logitech StreamCam is optimized for Streamlabs to stream to YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and other sites. With full HD 1080p 60fps video quality, smart auto focus and intelligent exposure, this portable streaming camera delivers stunning picture quality and smooth, natural on-screen motion. 

Musicians and advanced content creators can up their production quality with a multi-camera streaming kit like the Mevo Start 3-Pack. Combined with Mevo’s Camera and smartphone apps, this pack is perfect for live music or in-studio interviews. 

4. Lighting

Camera sensors don’t see light the same way our eyes do, so they need a little help now and again. With improved lighting, your stream will have a natural and professional look that avoids unflattering shadows or reflections. For single-cam setups, an LED light behind the camera fixes most issues. If you have a multi-cam streaming setup, check out three-point lighting. 

5. Streamlabs Desktop

Whether your stream is destined for YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, Streamlabs Desktop is the final stop before your content hits the web. This free software lets you switch between multiple video sources, add video overlays, mix in-stream audio and broadcast to multiple social networks simultaneously. 

Now that you’re outfitted with the best streaming equipment for your needs, you can “go live” and take your gaming, podcasting and streaming anywhere inspiration strikes. To learn more, check out our blog.