Introducing Yeti Nano

Since its introduction in 2009, Yeti has been embraced by many different communities, from music makers to podcasters to YouTubers to gamers. With a price of $99, Yeti Nano will make that big broadcast sound accessible to even more people who are just getting their feet wet in broadcasting and recording.

What makes Nano different than its big brother? We've refined classic Yeti's "future/retro" design to have an even broader appeal, delivering a more modern sensibility and smaller footprint while maintaining a clear family resemblance. Yeti Nano has some streamlined features, like 2 pickup patterns compared to Classic Yeti's 4, but also adds new features like 24-bit recording and digital control via our new software companion program, Blue Sherpa.

Yeti has grown to be a force of nature. Today we welcome Yeti Nano to the family!