How To Use The Pop With Yeti, Yeti X and Yeti Pro

Pop filters serve to reduce or eliminate plosives - those 'popping' and 'hissing' sounds- caused by the mechanical impact of fast moving air on the microphone during recorded speech and singing. These typically occur when making the “P” or “B” sounds. Some are more susceptible to plosives than others. While Yeti, Yeti X and Yeti Pro were designed to deliver great recordings without a pop filter, there are certain situations or use cases where you may find a pop filter beneficial.   

There have been several discussions online and in the forums about how to properly attach our pop filter, The Pop, onto the Yeti, Yeti X and the Yeti Pro. For the best fit, follow the below steps using the above image as a reference:

  1. On The Pop, unscrew the gooseneck from the mounting arm
  2. Cinch the gooseneck between the mounting screw and the metal cradle of the C-clamp
  3. Remove the desktop stand mounting screw from one of the sides of the of Yeti
  4. Place the arm of The Pop flush with the side of Yeti and reconnect the mounting screw

This gives you the best connection of The Pop to Yeti and allows you to improve your recording and streaming audio quality.