How to Use Blue USB Microphones with an iPhone, iPad, or Android Device

We have great news for mobile content creators everywhere!

Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball and Snowball iCE have been confirmed to work with Apple Lightning-to-USB and USB-C-to-USB adapters as well as USB On-The-Go (OTG) technology.

This means that any of these microphones can be used with any current iPhone, iPad or OTG-capable Android phone or tablet (Android connectivity depends on the specific device and app compatibility). Connecting Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball or Snowball iCE to a mobile device offers a studio-quality alternative to onboard microphones for recording or streaming videos, social media content, live gigs, podcasts and creating music. Blue mics and mobile devices are the perfect pairing for creators who like to pack light and get great audio anywhere.

A Lightning-to-USB adapter lets USB microphones connect to an iPhone or iPad via Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector. USB-C adapters interface with new USB-C ports, which have replaced Lightning on the 2018 iPad Pro. USB OTG enables the same connectivity on Android devices by allowing them to act as a USB “host,” like a traditional computer. Note that not all Android devices are OTG-compatible, and an adapter is still necessary to connect to a device’s micro-USB or USB-C port. Some adapters are specified for charging only and will not pass data, so use the specific products linked above or check for compatibility.

Midnight Blue Yeti connected to iPhone XS Max with Lightning-to-USB adapter


Using Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball or Snowball iCE with apps like Adobe’s new Premiere Rush CC or Audio Evolution Mobile Studio on a mobile device is an easy way to increase the production value of any video with far better sound than built-in microphones. But the possibilities don’t stop there: Blue USB microphones can also bring professional audio to mobile live-streaming with Twitch, Facebook Live, YouTube Live and other platforms, on-the-go podcasting with SoundCloud and Hindenburg Field Recorder, and even music creation with the GarageBand and FL Studio apps. Hook up a Blue USB mic to your mobile device today and capture the action around you with legendary Blue sound.