How to Pick a Microphone for Live Streaming

Whether you’re a songwriter trying new material, a podcaster preparing for an interview or a gamer looking to share your achievements, having a good microphone for streaming helps you stay connected with friends and fans around the world.

In this article, we’ll discuss which features are important when you’re looking for the best streaming microphone to complete your gaming setup, podcasting studio or music room.  

What Makes a Good Streaming Microphone Setup?

Streaming is an interactive and visual medium. And since our screens have limited real estate, you’ll want a microphone that looks as good as it sounds and isn’t too bulky on camera—if it appears on screen at all.

If you can have only one mic, we recommend using a condenser mic rather than a dynamic microphone for streaming, because the increased sensitivity lets you position the mic near the edges of the screen without drastically impacting the audio quality. 

And now for the main event—microphones!

Blue Yeti X USB microphone

YETI X—Plug and Play for Gaming, Streaming and Podcasting

When you’re gaming, a few seconds could be the difference between scoring an epic loot drop or waiting to respawn. That’s why Yeti X connects to your Mac or PC via USB so you can get in on the action quickly and easily. 

Nobody likes to Alt-Tab their way between apps in the middle of a game to adjust their levels in software, so Yeti X includes a Smart Knob that lets you adjust the recording and headphone levels on the fly—on the front of the microphone.

For podcasters and digital creators, Yeti X is the perfect tool for immersive, high-quality audio. The included Blue VO!CE software allows you to customize your voice with an entire suite of professional-quality effects for a broadcast ready sound. And with Yeti X’s Stereo Mode, you’ll create incredible spine-tingling ASMR environments as fast as you can press “record.” 

The Blackout Spark SL condenser microphone and Mix-Fi studio headphones complete podcaster Hrishikesh Hirway's broadcast setup.

Blackout Spark SL—Deluxe Electronics for Professional Broadcasting and Voiceover

If you need a leveled-up streaming mic that can hold its own in the recording studio, the Blackout Spark SL has enough experience to complete the quest. 

The Blackout Spark SL pairs deluxe JFET electronics with a finely-tuned large diaphragm capsule so your podcast, audiobook and voiceover recordings shine with superb detail and rich harmonic audio. 

Plus, with its XLR connectivity, the Blackout Spark SL is ready to plug into pro-audio gear like mixers, compressors, equalizers and preamps for multichannel live broadcasts.

With its rich, classic sound, Baby Bottle SL excels at capturing instruments and vocals in the studio and online.

Baby Bottle SL—Classic Warmth for Streaming Music

The Baby Bottle SL features a rich sound reminiscent of the world’s finest vintage microphones so your audience can experience detailed studio-quality sound whether they’re standing in the front row or tuning in from the couch. 

With its classic voicing, the Baby Bottle SL is suited for a wide array of voices and instruments—from hip-hop to opera, guitar rigs of doom to string quartets. And thanks to its XLR connector, the Blue Bottle SL brings its high-end professional studio sound to your home recording and streaming setup. 

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