Celebrating 10 Years of Yeti

Since 2009, hundreds of thousands of musicians, podcasters, YouTubers, and game streamers worldwide have used Yeti to raise their voice, share their story, and create amazing content. In this post, we’ll take a look at Yeti over the years—from early reviews to its rise to becoming the world’s #1 USB microphone.

And on the 10th anniversary of Yeti, we’re celebrating by inviting creators everywhere to share their story with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the #MyYetiStory hashtag. Tell us how you started a podcast, launched a YouTube channel, recorded an album, or leveled-up your Twitch stream using Yeti. We’ll share your stories all summer long on Twitter, the Blue website, and possibly a blog profile right here!


Let’s take a quick look back at what people were saying about Yeti when it first launched.

“For folks getting started in recording on their computer, whether it's for podcasting or music, this mike offers a ton of versatility and the recording quality that Blue has built its name on. In fact, the Yeti makes other lesser USB mikes look downright abominable.”

Wired, 2009

“The Yeti's three-capsule, multipattern microphone design is another first for the USB microphone world.”

CNET, 2009

“There are all sorts of uses for a USB microphone from voice chatting to conference calls and recording your personal podcast. Blue Microphones makes some of the best USB microphones available and the company has announced its latest offering called the Yeti.”

SlashGear, 2009

“The Yeti mic takes the company’s dedication to computer-connected mics to the next level.”

–MacLife magazine

“In the age of modern technology, there is no excuse for bad audio. Great for musicians, singers, podcasters, or just a really silky-sounding Google hang.”



Released during the early years of YouTube, Yeti quickly became a hit with creators looking for a hassle-free way to improve the sound of their videos. Check out why some of the biggest YouTubers on the web recommend Yeti.

“This mic is a YouTube classic. I was using this mic three, four, even five years ago. This thing is tried and true and it’s about time I recommended it.”

Marques Brownlee, YouTuber (8.2M subscribers)

“One of my favorite USB mics, the Blue Yeti.”

Jonathan Morrison, YouTuber (2.6M subscribers)

“The Yeti and Yeti Pro deserve all the love they get from their users.”

Linus Tech Tips, YouTuber (8.4M subscribers)


When Twitch launched in 2011, game streamers quickly adopted the Yeti for its studio-quality sound and plug-and-play simplicity. See which celebrity gamers rely on Yeti to keep their streams sounding professional.

–Wyatt Oleff of Stephen King’s IT and Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things streaming with Yeti

–Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco using Blue Yeti during a Fortnite stream

Kyrie Irving using the Blue Yeti while streaming Call of Duty


Blue has a long-standing legacy of producing industry-leading microphones for studio professionals, and the Yeti is no exception. Whether you’re telling your story through song or conversation, the Yeti helps your voice rise above the noise.

“Sometimes a demo recording captures magic that you can’t go back and recreate. The Yeti sounds so good that we actually used some inspired vocal demo performances on the new record.”

Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragons

–Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan using the Yeti to record the Crystal Method's Community Service radio show


Yeti would never have become the world’s #1 USB microphone without the support of the creative community. That’s why we’re using this opportunity to give back to creators who have used Yeti over the last 10 years.

Share your story on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the #MyYetiStory hashtag for a chance to be randomly selected to win $100 on the Blue webstore. We’ll be choosing one lucky winner each week in April. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for more details.