NPR Tiny Desk: How To Mic A Drumkit

We love the Tiny Desk Concert series because it’s a refreshingly intimate way to watch up and coming artists perform. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to see that NPR uses several Blue mics to record those performances! Their engineer Josh Rogosin has come to rely on the Hummingbird for its stellar sound and unrivaled flexibility, and in this video he demonstrates some of his favorite techniques for miking drums during Tiny Desk Concerts. 


Watch as Rogosin walks through his approach for miking a drum kit with a single microphone—the Blue Hummingbird. Using the “right knee technique”, Rogosin places the Hummingbird to the left of the drum kit with the Hummingbird pointed towards the snare, and the flexible capsule focused towards the drummer’s right knee.


For a more “classic rock” kind of sound, Rogosin uses the Glyn Johns miking technique. He places a Blue Hummingbird 30”-40” above the center of the snare, then places a second Hummingbird off to the right side of the drummer, pointed towards the snare. For best results, make sure both mics are an equal distance from the center of the snare.


Rogosin prefers a three-mic technique for recording drums during Tiny Desk Concerts. Using Pedco clamps, he places small diaphragm condenser mics just below the left and right cymbals, aimed towards the center of the kit. Finally, Rogosin adds a large diaphragm condenser mic inside the kick drum for a little extra thump!