Twitch Streaming on PS4 and Xbox—Demystified

Game streaming is more popular than ever, and with the cost of consoles at an all-time low, there’s never been a better time to start streaming on Twitch. Consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both great options for streaming quickly, easily and affordably.

With a few simple clicks you can start livestreaming your gameplay in minutes. Check out our quick start guide for streaming to Twitch with PS4 and Xbox One.

How to Stream on PS4

  • Sign up for a Twitch account at and download the Twitch app from the PlayStation store
  • Launch a game and press the share button on your controller, then select “Broadcast Gameplay”
  • Select Twitch as the service you want to broadcast on
  • Select “Go to the Twitch website” and log in to your Twitch account
  • Select the video and audio options you want to use on the Broadcast Gameplay screen
  • When you’re ready to start streaming, press the share button on your controller
  • Select “Broadcast Gameplay,” select Twitch, and then select “Start Broadcast”

How to Stream on Xbox One

  • Sign up for a Twitch account at and download the Twitch app from the Microsoft store
  • Open the Twitch app on your Xbox One and click “Log In” to receive a six-digit code
  • On your computer, visit and enter the code from the app
  • Make sure your Xbox Live Profile presence is set to “Online” and your privacy is set to “Everybody”
  • Launch a game and open the Twitch app from your dashboard, then select “Broadcast”
  • When you’re ready to start streaming, select “Start Broadcast” from the Twitch menu

Improve your Twitch stream’s production value with a USB microphone, like Yeti X.

Best Streaming Equipment

That’s all it takes to go live on PS4 and Xbox One, but if you’re trying to become a Twitch Affiliate or a full-time Twitch Partner, you’ll want to improve the production value of your stream. Thankfully, with a few simple and affordable accessories, you can easily make your stream more interactive and entertaining.

In order to connect with your fans, you need to be able to communicate with them. Sure, the chat window works fine in a pinch, but a broadcast-quality microphone can help set you apart from the crowd and make talking to your viewers more conversational.

To enable in-game chat and communication, you can connect the headset microphone included with your console. However, these mics don’t deliver pro-quality sound and often pick up excessive background noise, making it difficult for your fans and teammates to hear you.

Instead, use a USB microphone like Yeti X, Yeti or Snowball, which offer crystal-clear audio quality and tons of useful features for fine-tuning your sound. For more information on the best gaming microphones, check out our blog on the best USB microphones for Twitch streaming.

Another crucial element of pro-level streams is a quality webcam. If you’re on Xbox, you can purchase a Microsoft Kinect. To enable a video feed while streaming to Twitch from your PS4, you’ll need to purchase a Sony PlayStation 4 Camera. Unfortunately, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do not support USB webcams at this time. For more information on how to start a Twitch stream, including our favorite streaming software, the best Twitch extensions and how to make money on Twitch, check out our step-by-step guide to streaming on Twitch