How To Build Your Personal Brand on Twitch

Building a brand is an essential part of becoming a successful streamer. Pros like TFue, shroud and Myth all have their own aesthetic and style that help them stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps the best example of personal branding on Twitch comes from streaming icon Ninja. His signature blue hair and Red Bull headband are thematic choices that resonate throughout his channel—from the colors and fonts he uses to his custom emotes and ninja star animations.

Building a brand on Twitch is about finding every opportunity to showcase your personality and let your charisma shine. Every piece of content you create directly contributes to your personal brand, so it’s important to make sure they all support the same message.

In this blog, we’ll share some tips to help you build your personal brand on Twitch, including how to create a memorable persona and why custom graphics are a must-have for any full-time streamer.

Pro Twitch streamer Ninja showing off his streaming setup with his signature blue hair and headband.

Create a Memorable Persona

A lot goes into creating a memorable persona—even if you’re just being yourself. Your persona should emphasize your strongest traits. For instance, some streamers are highly competitive, while others are more laid back. Find the style that works best for you and your personality.

Some streamers choose to create a character and play a role while streaming, like Mike Racecar. Others choose emphasize their authentic personalities, like DrLupo. Whichever approach you choose, it’s important to make sure your persona is reflected in every element of your channel. Here are a few of our favorite tips for creating a memorable persona.

Choose a great name. The first thing a potential fan learns about you is your Twitch name, which is why it’s so important to choose something that’s easy to remember (and spell). Your stream name should clearly represent your persona, like TimTheTatman or Anna_Chess. Ideally, you’ll use the same name for all of your social channels as well.

Emphasize your passion. Twitch streams are about so much more than gaming. They’re an opportunity to showcase your passions. From the clothes you wear to the props you place in the background, everything you do on-stream is a reflection of who you are. Use your channel to share what you love—whether you’re livestreaming your morning workout or showing off your Amiibo collection.

Adjust and adapt. Creating a memorable persona takes time. Start small and make adjustments over time. As you continue to grow, your brand will become more defined, making it easier to determine what will or won’t resonate with your viewers.

DrLupo’s Twitch profile is a master class in branding.

Set Up Your Twitch Profile

Even though some of us would like to, it’s simply not possible to stream 24 hours a day. The content on your profile is how fans get to know you while you’re offline. That’s why it’s important to make sure every detail is on-brand. Here are a few ways to incorporate your personal brand into your Twitch profile.

Use a consistent color scheme. Select one or two colors that represent your brand and use them throughout your profile. Under Channel Settings, you can select a Profile Accent Color, which is displayed when users hover over your channel in directory pages and used to outline the video player on your channel.

Upload a professional profile photo: This is the image that everyone will see when they search for you on Twitch. It could be an actual photo of you like TFue or STPeach, a cartoon caricature of yourself like Ninja or Friskk, or even a custom logo like DrLupo or Sloot. Just make sure it incorporates your brand colors and reflects your streaming persona.

Write an informative profile bio: Your bio is your introduction to new visitors and should quickly summarize your brand and channel. What type of games do you play? Do you focus on speed runs of classic 8-bit games, or immersive playthroughs of modern JRPGs? You’ve only got 300 characters, so be sure to make them count!

Custom emotes from Ninja, TFue and shroud’s Twitch channels.

Create Custom Graphics

Twitch offers plenty of opportunities for you to personalize your channel with custom artwork through panels, banners, emotes and badges. In addition to showcasing your personal brand, custom graphics are also a huge incentive for viewers to subscribe to your channel. Here’s our advice on how to make the most out of your custom artwork.

Twitch panels: Use your brand colors, fonts and aesthetic to create panel headers to use in your About Me section. They can be sleek and simple or colorful and descriptive—just as long as they’re on-brand! For more info on creating custom Twitch panels, check out our blog.

Channel banner: Aside from your profile photo, the channel banner is the most prominent feature on your profile. The channel banner is displayed at the top of the screen and acts as the background to your hosting, Channel Trailer and recent broadcast videos. Create a custom channel banner using the same color scheme and art style as the rest of your profile imagery.

Video banner: Also known as the “Offline Image,” the video player banner is what users see when you’re offline. It can be something simple like a tiled image of your logo or stream name, a press photo or headshot, or something more elaborate like custom artwork. Additionally, Partners and Affiliates can upload short videos called channel trailers to introduce themselves to non-followers when offline.

Emotes, Cheermotes and Badges: Partners and Affiliates can unlock custom graphics for their community to use. Emotes are typically unlocked upon subscribing, while Cheermotes are unlocked when viewers contribute a certain amount. Partners and Affiliates also have access to loyalty badges for longtime subscribers that appear next to the user’s name in the chat. Each of these assets offers an opportunity to entice your viewers with custom artwork using your colors, fonts and brand aesthetic.

Building Your Brand

Building a brand takes time, but if you follow the steps outlined above to create a memorable persona, set up your profile properly and create custom artwork for your channel, you’ll be well on your way to a successful streaming career. For more information on how to stream on Twitch and grow your channel, check out our blog