How to Record and Stream Sports Games With Mevo Multicam

There’s nothing quite like watching sports live in person. You get to rally for your favorite team, bond with fellow fans, and witness the twists and turns in real time. When you live stream a game online, you can share that thrilling, moment-to-moment experience with even more fans, no matter where they are. On the other hand, capturing a recording of a game to rewatch and relive later isn’t so bad either—especially if you or someone you know is trying to build a highlight reel. So why not do both? In this post, we’ll go over the benefits to streaming and recording a game and how you can pull off a professional, multi-camera broadcast with ease using Mevo. 


While capturing or streaming a game requires a little more work than just finding a seat in the stands, there are real benefits to making the effort. Recording a game, for instance, gives you a lot to work with after the game is over:

  • Players and coaches can watch the video and review the game in detail.
  • You can edit the video into clips for social media or YouTube.
  • You have a tangible record of you or a player’s performance for their highlight reel––a must for high school students looking to be recruited for college. 

Streaming a game live, meanwhile, offers its own set of benefits:

  • Fans and alumni who can’t be physically present can watch the game in real time.
  • If it’s a school game, a live stream gives students a chance to get involved with their own TV-style sports broadcast.
  • College recruiters and pro scouts can watch players remotely.

By simultaneously streaming and recording, it’s possible for teams, players, and fans to get all of these benefits at once––so give it a shot!

Mevo makes setting up a multicam broadcast for sports games easier than ever.


Sports are often exciting and action-packed spectacles for those watching in the stands, and with the right broadcast setup, watching from your computer or TV can be just as thrilling. That’s where a multi-cam setup comes in handy: With some strategically placed camera angles, you can follow the action even more closely than the live audience. With a soccer game stream, for example, you can set up a camera near each goal post or corner alongside a wide field shot to follow every single goal or clutch play. 

Mevo is an all-in-one system for recording and streaming with multiple cameras, making it the perfect tool to capture the game at every angle. Plus, you can pull off these HD live streams without a computer or stationary setup––all you need are your Mevo Start cameras and the Mevo Multicam app on your smartphone. Just cut, pan and zoom using intuitive touch controls to put on a well-running, pro-level live stream.

Along with live streaming, Mevo makes recording games quick and easy as well. The Multicam app gives you the option to record a copy of your stream locally to your device. Just make sure you have enough memory for those overtime games, though! 

Mevo’s also got you covered if you want to use the raw camera footage for edited videos or highlight reels after the game’s over. Just load each Mevo Start camera with a MicroSD Card, and you’ll be able to record each individual video feed. With each camera sporting a 6-hour battery life, you’ll have plenty of headroom for capturing even the longest games. 

From high-school games to the big leagues, Mevo is ready to capture every moment of the action.


Since Mevo Multicam is so simple to use, the process for recording and streaming simultaneously is simple as well:

  • First things first, link the Mevo Start cameras you will be using to the app. Turn on each Mevo camera, open the app, and your cameras should appear automatically under the “Connect Mevo” page. The light on each camera will be green once they’re ready to use.  
  • Once the cameras are connected, you’ll see the program module with the “Rec” and “Live” buttons on the left side. You’ll want to set up your recording before going live on stream.
  • To set up your recording, hit the “Rec” button to select your recording destination, video quality, and whether you also want to record each camera feed to their respective SD Cards.
  • To go live, hit the “Live” button and select your streaming destination. 

Check out Mevo's video playlist for in-depth visual tutorials. 


After the game and live stream, you can use your new recording in a myriad of ways, from posting clips to social media to adding highlights to your reel. You can even post the entire live stream on YouTube in full for fans to rewatch or catch up––the possibilities are up to you! For more info about the easiest to use streaming cameras and mobile switcher, how to create a highlight reel and more, check out the other stories on our blog.