How Mevo Can Enhance Your Sports Live Stream

Sports games are consistently some of the most watched and streamed events both on the air and online. Even if you’re streaming a local college or high school game, odds are there are a good amount of eager fans tuning in––so knowing how to live stream a sporting event like a pro is a plus in any situation. Here’s how you can do just that with the Mevo Start streaming camera.


The traditional method of plugging a camera into a computer and using live streaming software isn’t the easiest thing to pull off when you’re in the stands or on the sidelines. Even when streaming at home, the camera-to-computer technique can involve a lot of setting up, extra equipment like capture cards and cables, and other factors that can unnecessarily hinder your live streams.

That’s where Mevo comes in: A small but powerful multi-camera streaming system that lets you stream from anywhere, no computer required. Connect one or more Mevo cameras to WiFi, cellular data or even Ethernet to live stream directly to YouTube, Twitch and more in full HD. Mevo is a great choice for live streaming in general, but the compact size and simple operation make it particularly perfect for outdoor activities like high school or college sports games. 

With the Mevo Start camera, you can have a pro-level multicamera steaming setup in minutes.


Sports are an exciting and high-energy activity, but that can get lost if you’re viewing it from a single, static camera on the sidelines––especially when all the action is happening far away on the other side of the field. That’s where multi-cam streams come in: by having multiple shots at different angles and placements at your disposal, you can ensure that the viewer is as close to the action as possible.

It might even be the coolest thing about the Mevo Multicam app as it allows you to control numerous Mevo Start cameras and cut between them to create a compelling live broadcast. Cutting between shots, panning and zooming are as easy as touching, swiping and pinching thanks to the Multicam app’s simple and straightforward layout. Or better yet, try out the AI-powered Auto-Director mode for automatic editing while you stay focused on the game. 

When it comes to live streaming a sports game, Mevo Multicam gives you the flexibility and production value to capture the game at multiple angles. Set up one camera in the middle of the field for a wide shot and two others near each goal post or end zone, place one camera at each corner of the field, mix in close-up “player cams” with wider shots, and so much more. The Mevo Start 3-Pack gives you everything you need to start streaming with three cameras, but the Multicam app supports as many Mevo cameras as you want.

With accessories like the Fence Clip Mini, you can set up your Mevo Start from just about any angle.


Sometimes the right shot for the game requires a little bit of creativity, but luckily Mevo is up to the task. Not only do the Mevo table and floor stands give you numerous adjustment options for a wide range of possible angles, but the FenceClip Mini lets you get up close to the action without getting in the way of the players. Lock your Mevo to the fence, batting cage or anywhere else and stream knowing that it will be secure and sturdy for the entire game. 

Everything you need to run a smooth Mevo broadcast is just a touch, swipe or pinch away.


A Mevo sports live stream comes alive not just with high-def video, but also with immersive, detailed audio to boot. That’s why each Mevo Start comes with three built-in ​​MEMS microphones to capture vivid surround sound to go with your live streams. Plus, with the Mevo Multicam app, you can adjust each camera’s individual volume and combine them into a single broadcast mix for the full, like-you’re-there viewing experience. 


Finally, recording your live stream serves a variety of uses after the game, from using the footage to review plays to adding clips to your highlight reel. The Mevo Multicam app records your stream feed in real time to your phone or local device, while each camera can record its own independent footage via MicroSD cards. 


These simple but effective tips will help you put on top-notch sports live streams for everything from a high school game to a minor league series. For more info on live streaming and recording, check out other articles on our blog