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Logitech StreamCam + Litra Glow: The Perfect Pair

To get good video, you need good lighting—and to capture your great lighting, you need a good camera. If you make videos, stream live or attend online meetings, you’ll soon realize that your laptop’s built-in webcam and your desk lamp can only do so much. That’s where Litra Glow and StreamCam come in. These simple […]


Video Lighting: How To Get The Look You Want

Picture this: you’re getting ready to film your latest video, start a stream or join a virtual meeting. Your software is booted up, your outfit is on point, and your background is notably clean today. Everything is going great, but then you turn on your camera and see your video feed: blurry, dark and overall […]


How To Create Professional Live Streams and Videos Blog

Whether you’re producing a new episode of your podcast, live streaming a worship service or recording a lecture about Indiana Jones for your archeology class, it’s important to make your videos look professional. Personalizing your videos with your custom logos, fonts and colors is a great way to build your personal brand and help your […]


Building the Best Streaming Setup with Logitech For Creators

Whether you’re just getting into live streaming or looking to upgrade your gear, having a complete streaming setup is key to giving your viewers (and yourself) the best possible streaming experience. The wide array of streamers already part of Logitech For Creators know that inspiration comes easier with the right tools—whether it be a camera, […]


How To Look Good On Camera: 7 Simple Tips

Learn how to look your best on camera for your next video meeting, live stream and more with some helpful tips and gear recommendations.


How Mevo Can Enhance Your Sports Live Stream

Sports games are consistently some of the most watched and streamed events both on the air and online. Even if you’re streaming a local college or high school game, odds are there are a good amount of eager fans tuning in––so knowing how to live stream a sporting event like a pro is a plus […]


Podcasting on Spotify: Understanding Their Platform

Spotify is one of the leading platforms not only for music, but also for podcasts of all genres and styles. Putting a podcast on Spotify and learning how to navigate the platform as a creator are two major keys to success, and thankfully, accomplishing both is easy. In this post, we’ll go over how to […]


Do You Really Need a 4K Camera for Live Streaming?

Learn about how 4K compares to HD, which resolution makes sense for streaming and whether a 4K streaming camera is the right choice for you.


7 Live Streaming Tips to Elevate Your Streams

Learn about the live streaming gear and techniques you can use to host a professional, engaging and fun broadcast for fans old and new.


How to Multistream an Online Virtual Concert

Learn how to multistream virtual concerts to major streaming platforms and reach more fans than ever before.


What’s the Best Streaming Camera for YouTube?

YouTube is the granddaddy of online video content. Before Netflix, Twitch or any other kind of streaming/video service, there was “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “David After Dentist.” Over the years, YouTube has evolved into a multifaceted network of video services, from TikTok-style Shorts and music videos to gaming and live streams. Streaming, in particular, […]

Work From Home

Best Cameras for Working From Home

The home office might seem like a solitary setting, but people who work from home remain as connected to co-workers as ever thanks to virtual meetings, video conference calls and Zoom hangouts. Video meetings and streams are a big part of most remote work, but finding the right online video camera for work can be […]


Best Cameras for Streaming a Performance

Streaming your concerts is a great way to connect with fans. Check out the best video cameras for streaming a concert on any platform.


7 Benefits of Using A Streaming Camera

Learn why a streaming camera like Mevo Start can give you HD looks, multicam capabilities and major creative freedom––no computer required.


How To Start Live Streaming With Melon

Learn how to live stream to multiple platforms with ease using the Melon app.


How to Live Stream a Concert

Learn how to live stream a professional and engaging virtual concert for your fans and followers.


How to Legally Perform and Record Covers on YouTube

Learn how copyright law works for cover songs and how to legally post your own covers on YouTube.


How to Use a Blue Yeti as a Guitar Microphone

Learn why the Blue Yeti is the best guitar microphone for guitarists diving into home recording for the first time.