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How to Use Two Blue USB Microphones at the Same Time

Learn how to capture professional-sounding recordings for music, podcasts, YouTube videos and more using two Blue USB microphones at the same time.


How To Use The Pop With Yeti, Yeti X and Yeti Pro

Learn how to mount The Pop filter onto Yeti, Yeti X and Yeti Pro USB microphones to eliminate plosives and improve vocal clarity.


What’s the Deal with Phase?

Something doesn’t sound quite right, or maybe the mix sounds thin? That’s phase cancellation at work.


Playlist: Five Songs that Changed the Sonic Landscape

If you Google “Best Sounding Albums of All Time”, you’ll find endless lists of albums compiled by audiophiles who will argue about their choices until blue in the face. And while I love meticulously recorded albums as much as the next guy, that isn’t what this article is about.


What’s the Deal with Polar Patterns?

Learn about the different types of polar patterns for recording, including cardioid, super cardioid, omnidirectional and figure 8.


Three Essential Mics for Mobile Recording

More artists, engineers and producers are recording music on the go than ever before. And while traditional studio setups still have their place, the next generation of music makers are hungry for sleek, powerful and lightweight mobile recording equipment that allows them to capture studio-quality audio anytime, anywhere.


Let it Bleed: How to Record a Band in One Room

Throughout the entire history of recording, musicians and producers have been forced to deal with microphone bleed.


Kiwi on the Radio: Recording Vocals at Sirius XM

If you ask his peers, Michael Taylor has every audio engineer’s dream job. As the house recording engineer for Sirius XM Radio, Taylor regularly records with industry luminaries like Paul McCartney, The Allman Brothers, Lenny Kravitz, John Legend, Ben Folds, Mary J. Blige, Seal, Ryan Adams, Cheap Trick, and the list goes on.