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10 Great Podcasts Recorded At Home

These ten popular podcasts prove that you don’t need a professional studio to produce a successful podcast and reach an audience.


Storytelling—The Secret Trick to Keeping Viewers Hooked

Learn how to tell a story and improve your YouTube videos with these proven storytelling tips and tricks.


Best Video Editing Software for YouTube

Learn about the best video editing software for making YouTube videos, from professional video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro to easy-to-use editing apps like Logitech Capture.


YouTubers—Cut Through the Noise with Compression and EQ

Learn how to improve the sound quality of your YouTube videos with EQ and compression. Learn how to use an equalizer and how to use a compressor.


5 Tips for Seamless Vlogging

Follow these tips to learn how to make a vlog and discover what vlogging equipment you will need, including microphones, camera, lighting, editing software and more.


How to Start a YouTube Channel: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to start a YouTube channel from scratch, including the best audio, and video equipment, how to grow your audience, and how to monetize your channel.


Best Microphones for YouTube in 2020

Find the perfect microphone to record YouTube videos on any budget with this handy guide, including USB, XLR, dynamic and condenser microphones.


LoriiPops Talks Twitch, the Gaming Community, and Her Favorite Streaming Gear

An official Twitch Partner with over 92,000 followers, LoriiPops is the most popular female game streamer in New Zealand. She’s known for playing a wide range of games on the hardest difficulty, as well as her lively and entertaining streams.