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How to Choose and Use YouTube Background Music

In this post, we’ll explain music licensing, give some tips on what to consider with YouTube background music, where to find YouTube background music and more.


19 YouTube Music Promotion Tips for Artists of All Levels

Existing on YouTube isn’t enough to get your music heard. To really get the word out about your art, you need to learn about YouTube music promotion.


Podcasting SEO Basics

How do you make sure that listeners can find your podcast? By investing in podcasting SEO! Here are a few tips to get your podcast ranking in Google and beyond.

Work From Home

Why You Should Keep Your Webcam On During Zoom Calls

If you work from home, webcams can help you build rapport with coworkers, read a client’s visual cues during meetings and may help you find your motivation.


Can You Play Music On Twitch?

Can you play music on Twitch? The answer is yes, but finding music you’re allowed to stream can be tricky. Click to learn how to play music on Twitch legally.


How to Get Podcast Sponsors

One of the ways podcasts make money is through sponsorships. But how do you get and keep podcast sponsors? Read our guide to learn how to get podcast sponsors.


How To Make Money On YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel is an investment—but how do you pay it off and turn a profit? Learn how to make money on YouTube with this thorough guide.


6 Online Music Collaboration Tips for Next-Generation Songwriters

Online music collaboration is new for a lot of musicians and songwriters. Here are a few of our top tips for successful songwriting and jam sessions online.


Essential Equipment for Creating Professional YouTube Videos

Learn all about the gear you need to get your YouTube channel off the ground with our guide to YouTube cameras, microphones, lighting, software and accessories.


8 Things You Need To Include In Your YouTube Video Description

Your YouTube video description isn’t just a summary of your video, it’s also a tool for driving revenue, growing subscribers and boosting your video in search.


How to Stream to Multiple Platforms

Multistreaming to Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube is easier than it looks. Learn how to stream to multiple platforms and get more eyes on your videos.


How to Make Money on Twitch (Without Becoming an Affiliate)

You don’t have to be a Twitch affiliate to make money playing video games! Read this guide to learn how to get paid on Twitch without becoming a Twitch partner.


How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

“How do I grow my YouTube channel?” It’s the question all YouTube creators want the answer to. Click to learn how to boost your channel’s subscribers and more.


Why Podcasts Are So Captivating

What is it about podcasts that captivates us? Explore the emotional effects of audio and learn why it’s so hard to press pause on your favorite podcast.


How Using an HD Webcam for Online Classes Makes You a Better Teacher

Teachers, it’s important that your students can see you clearly. That’s why you need to invest in an HD webcam for online classes. Your students will thank you.


How Good Audio Quality Can Improve Online Student Engagement

With distance learning peaking, teachers are wondering how to improve online student engagement. Learn how virtual student engagement starts with quality audio.


How To Record a Podcast Over the Internet (Using Zoom)

When you can’t get everyone in the same place for a podcast, Zoom is your best bet. Read our tips to learn how to record a podcast over Zoom with great results.


How To Set up a Camera for Virtual Classrooms (and What Your Background Says About You)

Learn how to set up a webcam for virtual classrooms, optimize your lighting situation and make your space presentable for distance learning.


Twitch Streaming Checklist

From coordinating your streaming schedule to naming your stream effectively, our handy checklist has everything you need to start your stream off right.


Tips For Improving Audio Quality in Virtual Classrooms

Learn how to improve the audio quality in your virtual classroom to help foster clear communication and collaborative learning.


How to Choose the Best Webcam for Online Classes

A good webcam is an essential tool for online classes. Check out our list of the best USB webcams for distance learning and virtual classrooms.


Best Microphones for Online Classes

Learn how to choose the right microphone for teaching and distance learning in online and hybrid classrooms.