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How To Set up a Multi-Person Twitch Stream

Wondering how to start streaming with friends? Learn how to set up Streamlabs OBS for a multi-person Twitch stream using Skype or OBS.Ninja.


How To Edit Livestreams

Learn how to edit livestreams, including adding text, transitions and effects to make your videos look professional on YouTube, Twitch or social media.


How To Record Livestreams With Streamlabs OBS

Want to record your livestreams to put them up on Twitch, YouTube and more? Read our guide to learn how to record with Streamlabs OBS and what settings to use.


How To Look and Sound Your Best for Remote Learning (Without Buying Anything)

No matter what your remote learning setup looks like, learn how to make the most of what you have to look and sound your best without spending a penny.


The YouTuber’s Guide to SEO

Learn all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the secret sauce that can help your YouTube videos get discovered easier, rank higher and maybe even go viral.


How to Make Your Podcast Sound Better by Eliminating Noise

Learn how to remove background noise from your podcast and capture clear, intelligible sound with these helpful tips for podcast noise reduction.


Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

While there is no best podcast hosting platform for everyone, we’ve weighed the pros and cons of our top ten picks to help you find the right solution for you.


How To Make Money Podcasting

Learn our top tips for bringing in podcast revenue, including advertising, sponsorship, selling merch and other creative strategies for podcast monetization.


Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software

Choose the right podcast software for you with our roundup of the best recording and editing software, from simple free apps to feature-rich audio workstations.


Podcast Editing Secrets Revealed

Learn all about editing podcasts, including how to manage, arrange and mix your speech, music and sound effects efficiently.


5 Podcast Interview Tips To Keep Your Listeners Hooked

Want to conduct interesting, engaging interviews? Check out these podcast interview tips on background research, interview questions and more.


6 Microphone Myths Debunked

Looking to buy your first microphone, or thinking about upgrading your setup? Before you dive in, learn the truth about some common microphone misconceptions.


5 Tips For Mobile Podcast Recording

Learn how to put together a mobile podcast recording setup, use an external USB mic with your mobile device, back up your recordings and more.


5 Hacks for Recording and Mixing Podcast Vocals

Learn how to capture broadcast-quality vocals for your podcast using professional accessories, proven recording techniques and mixing tools like EQ and compression.


The Basics of Key Lighting and Set Design for YouTube

Increase the production value of your YouTube videos with a little background on lighting and set design, including the three-point lighting technique and tips for setting up your backdrop.


Growth Hacking the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube uses a complex algorithm to match viewers with content they’ll love. Understanding how it works can help you monetize your YouTube channel and grow your subscribers.


Best Streaming Software for Twitch in 2020

Ready to start streaming on Twitch but not sure which software to use? Check out our list of the best Twitch streaming software, including Streamlabs, OBS, XSplit and more.


5 Essential Accessories for Improving Your Podcast

From pop filters and shock mounts to studio headphones and USB audio interfaces, this is the podcast recording equipment you need to sound your best.


Behind the Streams: Ceddy

Podcaster and Twitch streamer Ceddy Lopez discusses embracing his voice, building a simple yet effective streaming setup and the value of supportive community.


How to Start a Podcast: Blue’s Ultimate Podcast Guide

Learn how to start a podcast with this step-by-step guide, from setting up your equipment to releasing your first episode.


Best Podcast Microphones in 2020 (For Any Budget)

Whether you’re just starting your podcast or you’re an experienced content creator, find the best podcast microphone for your setup with our roundup of the best USB and XLR mics.


Host of Apple’s Top Podcast of 2018, Jordan Harbinger, Shares His Top Five Podcasting Tips

Jordan Harbinger discusses five important lessons he’s learned over the last 12 years on his way to 200 million downloads and building one of the most successful podcasts on the planet.


JdotB on Competitive WoW, Streaming, and Blue Microphones

JdotB is a competitive World of Warcraft player, official Twitch Partner with over 80,000 followers, and Blue Twitch Team Member. His professional eSports team, Method NA, placed first in the Regional Finals of Blizzard’s first Mythic Dungeon International tournament in 2018, and second place in the Global Finals.


Podcast Production Made Easy: Hindenburg Journalist

Learn how Hindenburg Journalist podcast production software makes it easy to record, edit and mix professional-sounding podcasts.


Blue USB Mics Receive Official Discord Certification

Gamers rejoice! We’re excited to announce that Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball, and Snowball iCE USB microphones have received official Discord Certification.


The History of the Console Wars

Ever since computer chips became small and cheap enough to stick in a plastic box with a controller, the battle to corner the market with the ultimate home gaming system has raged on.