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How to Choose the Best Streaming Camera

There’s no “undo” in live streaming. Experienced broadcasters know that anything can happen when you go live and you need a streaming camera that’s ready in the moment.  The camera built into your laptop or mobile device is useful for making video calls to friends and family, but is limited when it comes to producing […]


How to Connect a Camera and Microphone

Why spend valuable time fixing audio problems in your video editing software—or worse, rerecording lines of dialogue— when you could capture pro-quality audio at the source? Connecting your Blue USB microphone to your DSLR or mirrorless camera helps you assemble a better sounding final edit more quickly without manually syncing an external audio track. It’s […]


6 Tips for Sound Designing a Podcast

Sound design is a key aspect of podcast worldbuilding. It breathes life into the universe you’ve created for the listener, heightens dramatic tension and builds immersive aural environments your audience will be eager to explore for seasons to come.  In this article, we’ll show you how to make your podcast sound more professional with the […]


5 Pieces of Essential Live Streaming Equipment

Live streaming equipment has improved dramatically since streamers first pressed the button to “go live.” In short order, we’ve progressed from shaky selfie stick broadcasts to putting on our own interactive, multi-camera productions as good as any live TV event. And whether you choose a single-camera or multi-camera setup, you can easily achieve professional-quality production […]


How to Choose a Desk Boom Arm or Mic Stand

If you’re the creative type, the right boom arm really elevates your studio.  With a desk mic stand in your production toolkit, you can keep a tidy, organized workspace that’s ready to roll the instant you—or your podcast guests—are good to go. Inspiration strikes without warning and the best desk mic stands abide to keep […]


How to Use a USB Microphone on GarageBand

Apple’s GarageBand is a beginner-friendly digital audio workstation (DAW) that makes it easy and fun to create music at home, record a podcast on location or mix the audio for a video project from wherever you are. And since it’s included with all Macs, iPhones and iPads, it’s the perfect companion app for your USB […]


How to Pick a Microphone for Live Streaming

Whether you’re a songwriter trying new material, a podcaster preparing for an interview or a gamer looking to share your achievements, having a good microphone for streaming helps you stay connected with friends and fans around the world. In this article, we’ll discuss which features are important when you’re looking for the best streaming microphone […]


5 Benefits to Using a Microphone With USB and XLR Outputs

First-time microphone users often ask if they should get a USB or XLR microphone—why not both? In this article, we’ll run through five reasons why using a microphone with USB and XLR outputs can streamline your workflow and improve the audio quality of your podcasts, musical performances and videos.  PROFESSIONAL-QUALITY SOUND AT-HOME AND IN THE […]


How to Make a USB Mic Sound Better Than Ever

Here’s something many of us wish we’d learned sooner—professional audio quality doesn’t just happen on it’s own. It takes a little bit of know-how. But it’s also a lot of fun. You might be surprised to discover that even with the same gear, your content doesn’t immediately sound like your favorite albums, streamers or podcasts—don’t sweat […]


What’s a Microphone Pop Filter and What’s It For?

A microphone pop filter, commonly known as “that thing in front of the mic,” could be the difference between getting a perfect vocal take or taking it again from the top.  In this blog, we’ll explain what a mic pop filter is, what it does and identify what qualities make the best pop filter so […]


How Does a Microphone Work?

Learn how condenser and dynamic microphones work to convert sound into audio signals.


How to Choose the Best Mic for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

Learn mic placement for acoustic guitar and vocals for livestreaming and home recording with USB and XLR microphones.


Understanding Microphone Frequency Response

Learn how to read a microphone’s frequency response chart and select the best mic for recording music or speech.


How to Connect a Microphone to a Computer

Learn how to plug an external microphone into a computer and record ultra-high-definition audio with the Yeti and Blackout Spark SL.